This was our first pike event of the year with eight anglers attending with the fishing starting at 10:00am.

Long time member Cyril Long hooked the first fish at around 11:00; which after a spirited fight was safely netted and weighed in at 11lb 8oz. 

Twenty minutes later David Boast had a take and hooked what we thought was a bigger fish.  After a long spirited fight and several powerful lunges later, the pike was in the net.
Only when we lifted the net did we all realise how big it was; this one weighed in at an impressive 18lb 2oz.  

Just 30 minutes later David added another pike, this time weighing in at 11lb 2oz. 

The feeding frenzy was all over within an hour however, with three double figure pike caught and all returned to fight another day, it was an excellent opening session, one of the best SDAF events in recent years. 

David Boast - "That was a great fishing session short but never had a fish that size, weather wasn't good but we put the beach buddy up so we were in the dry, Cyril was so pleased as was myself, Andrew is great!! he helps and gives us loads of advice on the way to treat the fish in the right way. Thanks Andrew".

Congratulations to both David and Cyril on their catches and we wish the other angler better luck at the next event in January.

Cyril with his 11lb 8oz Pike
David with his 11lb 2oz Pike
Andrew Townsend our session Leader